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CREDO binds up to 42.5 tons of harmful CO₂

Unlike conventional polyethylene, our "Go-Green" plastics are not made from crude oil but from sugar cane. This natural and renewable raw material binds a lot of CO2 during its growth and thus helps to reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases.

Many of our products are recyclable

Once the utilization cycle is complete, CREDO products and their packaging made of bio-plastic can be returned to the recycling cycle by consumers without hesitation.

No use of fossil, finite substances

By dispensing with fossil raw materials in the manufacture of our products, we are actively participating in climate and environmental protection. Thus the world remains green for future generations.

Made of renewable raw materials

Sugar cane is a renewable resource, as it grows, absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. In a mill it is crushed and converted into sugar and thanol. Through dehydration process we have the “I’m green™ bio-based” polyethylene, our “Go Green”.

CREDO Goes Green with Braskem

High-quality and sustainable pedicure and manicure products thanks to natural and renewable raw materials

CREDO sustainable products are made of I’m green™ bio-based plastic. It is developed from Brazilian sugarcane, which is grown on site, following audited processes to guarantee fair conditions.


The cultivation is just as environmentally friendly as our products. Sugarcane plantation contributes to the restoration of degraded land in the south of Brazil, more than 2000 kilometers from jungle areas.


Bio-based polyethylene is just as resilient as conventional polyethylene and can be used for all common standards of application. The only difference: it's renewable and recyclable.

Green is the new yellow

Natural solar energy for green production

The use of solar energy plays an important role in our production processes. In the meantime, we are saving up to 200,000 kilowatts a year in electricity consumption through solar panel installations in our buildings. Furthermore we are always looking for new ways to make our production even more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Green awareness

As one of the leading producers of high quality pedicure and manicure products, we are more than aware of the impact our company and our production processes have on the environment.


We face this responsibility by constantly looking for new – green - ways to make the world a little better. Not only with the quality and functionality of our products, but also with their sustainability.

Versatile, sustainable, high quality

We are committed to our manufacturing site in Germany, where we control and, whenever possible, produce all our products. In this way, we not only secure local jobs and compliance with our high quality standards, but also ensure a lower environmental impact through the shortest possible supply chains.

Green and healthy

Seit 2018 hat unsere Initiative JobRad Since 2018, our JobRad initiative has " moved" many of our employees to leave their cars behind for the journey to work. Instead, you get on your bike and do something good for yourself and the environment. Credo has already supported employees in financing several bicycles and e-bikes.

For the sake of the environment

Sustainable products and their packaging should have as little impact on the environment as possible. CREDO therefore only uses back cards that are made from 100% recovered paper and blisters that are 80% made from recycled material.

Green mobility

In order to move properly with and in the environment in the future, we are already planning to convert our fleet to hybrid vehicles. Every purchase of a new company car thus also contributes to the environmental friendliness of our company.


Carbon dioxide

are stored by one ton of Green PE


Climate-damaging CO2

binds CREDO annually thanks to its renunciation of conventional plastics


We save in our annual power consumption

thanks to solar panels on our roof

CREDO: The traditional family company with a sustainable and future-oriented "green view"

We ensure sustainable products

Tradition, inventiveness and pioneering spirit - this is what CREDO stands for - for almost 100 years. We offer professional and sustainable products. We are proud of the uniqueness and high quality of our products and we are always finding new ways to even exceed current quality standards.

For us, this implies that we always develop all products with a focus on the future.

In times of environmental pollution and climate change, we position ourselves responsibly as an innovative and sustainable company.

For us, “Go Green” does not only mean the use of more environmentally friendly packaging materials and “green plastic” for our pedicure and manicure products, but above all a fundamental attitude with which we look forward to a green future full of energy.

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